Nissan's electric ZEOD RC will compete during 24 Hours of Le Mans

Nissan's focus on electric-vehicle mastery is taking another step towards reality after the company announced it would be returning to Le Mans with its ZEOD RC.

ZEOD stands for Zero Emissions On Demand and this latest effort is more a hybrid than a pure electric car. It uses lithium-ion battery packs similar to those used in the production Leaf, and - we're guessing here - the same Nissan Juke-sourced 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that powered the original. The car is being pitched as being able to complete a lap of the Le Mans circuit on electric power alone, which is about 12 kilometres, and can be recharged using regenerative braking. No mention on whether the gas engine can also act as a generator, which would make logical sense since regen braking alone would take several laps to bring the batteries back to a reasonable charge.

Nissan's hoping to make a return back to the top rungs of sportscar racing, but the future for Le Mans' P1 class is for alternative fuels and hybridiziation. Audi, Toyota and - for next season - Porsche all have their own takes on how to accomplish that, so this is good first-hand research to give Nissan a better shot faster. You can check out videos of the ZEOD RC's development and shakedown via their page here.

If the ZEOD RC looks familiar, it's because it's based on the arrowhead shape that debuted with the Deltawing racer at Le Mans a couple years ago. That's no surprise given that Nissan's current Director of Motorsport Innovation is Ben Bowlby, the affable Brit that penned the original design. The current Deltawing project was taken over by Elan Technologies in Georgia where the car was given a roof, and a turbocharged Mazda engine is running in place of the original Nissan unit. Bowlby has nothing to do with it.

Fans might get a tad confused given that these two cars share so much in common, but are being developed simultaneously by two different organizations. However, in some ways that was how big-dollar sportscar racing used to be during the 'glory years'. No two Porsche 917s or 956s were identical since the individual teams would chop, cut and modify theirs to suit their own strategies...

This is Nissan's second time in three years that it's been the "Garage 56" selection, which always goes to experimental, green racing programs that otherwise wouldn't fit in the rules.

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lundi 11 novembre 2013 08:03

To determine the consequences of stop construction insurance

The council is seeking legal advice after being advised by Riskpool on Friday that it will have no insurance from July 1 if it is negligent under the Building Act牛栏奶粉最新事件2013.

Riskpool is a mutual fund that secures reinsurance for councils and it says it has been successful in organising cover after the Christchurch earthquakes.

It said it moved after concerns about the work of Christchurch City Council's building operations unit prompted reinsurers to signal a claw back in cover for the work.

Riskpool's board wanted to preserve cover for any other potential exposures the council had and to ensure that it other members' cover was not put at risk, chairman Jim Palmer said.

He said the council still has cover for potential exposures under the Resource Management Act, Land Information Memorandums, general public liability and all other non-Building Act related work牛栏奶粉召回.

The move came after the government said it would take over the council's consents department after the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) stripped the council of its accreditation to issue building consents.

The council has failed to audit consents thoroughly and IANZ found evidence consents were being issued that did not meet the requirements of the Building Code or Act.

A crown manager will review recent consents and help the council regain its IANZ accreditation.

Council chief executive Tony Marryatt's job is on the line over the debacle and he is on leave with full pay pending further discussions.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker announced on Friday he would not be seeking re-election because he doesn't have the energy to deal with another three years of the stress and pressure of the position時尚男裝.

mardi 09 juillet 2013 08:50

Creative gift is more suitable for micro-blog marketing

May 6, 2013 news. It is reported, in not just the end of the 2013 twenty-first session of China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and household products exhibition, the new network marketing way popular gift industry enterprises, by many exhibitors repeng. This new network marketing is the enterprise social networking platform search -- search V business, a suitable for enterprise users micro-blog social platform hk gift and premium.

It is understood, this exposition attracted more than 3600 domestic and foreign enterprises exhibitors bring gifts, tens of thousands of pieces, including creative gift. However, the exhibitors, in the traditional exhibition, these creative gift only to show visiting the audience, a very limited range of influence. Therefore, the traditional exhibitors want to use other ways to promote the creative gifts, coverage to more users hk premium gifts.

In the V business in the Shenzhen gift show, and become the exclusive micro-blog reporting platform exhibition, the exhibition scene and a lot of creative gifts of micro-blog reports. According to the exhibition organizers encourage Zhan Huabo to the person in charge, according to search V and traditional exposition, can realize the traditional exposition and micro-blog marketing resources complementary, to cover more potential users. At the same time, it provides a new platform for the gift industry enterprises.

It is reported, found in the V business in addition to live outside of the exhibition, many exhibitors have the gift to the V business to spread, especially creative gift. Among the many exhibitors, home furnishing, life and business gifts exhibitors keen to use its gift photos and activities into the V business platform for communication, attract more user attention not to the exhibitors at the scene. At the same time, many exhibitors also download search V business client, find the gift industry, upstream and downstream resources and potential partners hk business gift.

According to a gift enterprises exhibitors at the scene responsible person said, the company brought a variety of home furnishing the creative gifts, in this exhibition are very. In carrying out the first days of receiving more than 400 spectators, and in the V business platform of forwarding and comment on more than 630, this also forwarding a content only, many of the audience to put forward the proposal to some gifts, and even the price and purchase intention of the direct questions hk gift premium.

mardi 07 mai 2013 09:39

The " bad " girl with candy

In real life there are always some girls, in the same eyes, their spirit, education, income and ability is above the average, is recognized as a " good girl ", but no " luck with the opposite sex ". Some wives, almost can obtain all recognition in the appearance, character, china tin box except their husbands.

After exposure to so many women, many female fans as " male close friend " emotional columnist Ceng Xiaoliang, finally began to break the " good girl ", " good woman" spell, to give confidential instructions in person: women will make a little bit of " bad" is the most beautiful girl.

" Bad " is the spice of life

Note: " good girl will make " bad " " the title itself has attracted a lot of female readers, you so-called " good girl ", with the general sense of the good girl, what is different?

Zeng: a man standing position, I wrote an article, that is why we don't love some female doctor, because they always feel stiff end there. Note, there is, I'm not saying all female doctor this. I know a very senior traditional magazine editor, I rarely see her wearing bright clothes, very rare she boldly and laughing, she kind of aura, is not only a man, even the isotropic with her will feel a bit depressed. But she is really a general sense of the good girl, education, occupation, income and good good good, nice, but you are not to take the initiative to close to her.

In the process of writing emotion 's column, I received many letters from female readers, and listening to the surrounding lots not married female friends. From their confusion, I found a very common phenomenon, biscuit tin box is a general sense of " good girl ", to live well, almost all the men and women " good girl ", there is a big difference.

The cause of this difference is the most important, is the education. Our traditional education tend to take the girl into stiff, boring, obedient, and thus there is no style. The girl was education, good girl must be dignified, reserved, lady, conservative, those bold, just behavior is to be looked down upon. These consequences of education is, first, the girl will give you some idea and behavior of the bound, with the boy along especially nervous; second, her nature is repressed, inner cute is not released. Of course, women's style, with her level of education is not inversely, there are adorable female doctor, how key her personal creation.

Reporter: how to understand what you say " bad "? There is a saying: not a bad man, a woman doesn't love.

Zeng: this "bad ", in other words, there is a taste of life. In the real life and literary works, " bad man " indeed inviting women love, especially for a general sense of " good girl " love, because they can break the good girl stereotype, stimulate the inherent vitality girl, let the girl think: so also can be life, again good also not candy so sweet! Pure girl met dandy, thus embarked on the road of no return, tin box for food is the fixed routine many literary works. We are familiar with the " Paradise Lost " is a typical. Of course, school boy met a wild rose, is another routine.

I encourage girls to learn how to make a " bad ", because, good girls tend to hope for a bad guy to ignite your inner flame, and will make the " bad " girl you have this ability, which is not so easy to be bad men tease. Not all men can answer style, if a good girl met a stupid man, her sexual relations will become very boring.

Fashion is " strong outlook on life "

Note: in addition to the influence of traditional education to women, now there is another modern, fashionable, even edgy female advocates or trend, look at how the interaction between the two?

Zeng: at present, education and new trend of superposition of the old, will make many women feel confusion and anxiety. One side is their nature, one is the traditional education, is a modern idea, these effects on a woman get harmonious, this is a question. For example, a boy said to the girl: if you love me, we live together. But the girl is not mentally prepared, and think this is against the traditional education, but the boy advised her: what are the times, everybody like this, how can you be so conservative?

One of my female readers on the face of such confusion. I gave her the letter said, first of all to stick to their principles. If a boy asked you must follow his way, give up your standards, that he don't love you enough, at least, do not know how to love you.

I in " good girl will make " bad " " also wrote, the real fashion always there are some standard: the firm 's outlook on life, the harmonious world, the people have their own views on the matter, and is used to bear the responsibility of life. Mark to judge whether to have sex with a man and not the so-called avant-garde, but whether you love that person? You ready? They will not hurt in this relationship? If you are ready, you will accept him, this has nothing to do with the avant-garde; if not ready, you refused him properly, this also and conservative.

mardi 15 janvier 2013 03:16

If we never meet

Life is a soundless and stirless hallucinations, wake up, at the time of flow through the gap, I think again of those as far distant memories. Perhaps everyone has a city, lies the dowager, there is a story of their own, their own landscape, far or near, or joy or sorrow, then choose forgotten or burial.

October flowers there has been no spring in a riot of colour posture, shallow sing in the autumn season, memory is like breeze hit with the lonely atmosphere swaying reflection branches, leaves the vertical fall back with a sentimental old melodies, count the lonely flavor, as long-buried time, a a sense of nostalgia in heart, in the prime if occult flourishing backside, in the life of the thin cool song Road, we think the story, from the beginning to start like a mirage as with no reality whatever, as the acme of perfection.

The dark night engulfed the distant dream, cold air over be reduced to fragments imaginary ever poured into the thin clothes, shuddering. Gu attitude to think, heart emerges mind is the water ripple, a ring two ring swings, leisurely read quietly, refraction glittering halo in the ear. Seeing the reach but cannot touch. It seems that this long boundless dream also decreed by fate, I should know the ending, I have been comforted myself not too sad, maybe sadness is inevitable. Look at this silent night, do not want to tears dripping wet hair, smile face.

Tired of the secular way, with the gentle breeze and bright moon leisure, wanted to try hard to get used to life's turning, for too many unfamiliar, such as heart stacked memories of you, always on time silhouettes finally could not help but panic and worry, a touch of melancholy always hide in the deep place, sometimes, occasionally at a casual moment overflow, the sadness is no farewell, memories are always placed No.

Like an hourglass as time passes, the fragrance of flowers in the garden of memory, from the fuzzy imprint, trying to lament the story better still wander in reincarnation, past the dust raised, so I learned in the silence of night and day to his lonely shadow, P. g Bellah Naga Koai prelude, staggered back to the original one cry one smile desolate region.

Sometimes think among people of fate really is very shallow, from the beginning of the meet, know, talk about, to the final pass only silence, as a broken line kites, where it is swaying, finally broken down. Nalanrongruo one word, only if the first sign of life, but the autumn sad fan paintings, yeah, people like the first meeting as a beautiful, will not have the autumn moon low sigh of sorrow.

I confess I love nostalgia, as I like classical, poetry and art, the tea liquor, also had learned the ancients in the so-so. Find the light, elegant. Although I know has not adapted to the modern life the past thousands of years. For once the lover who, together, together with the movie, tell each other the passions of the heart, don't know why, every time I think once this two characters, always can't help my heartache.

jeudi 03 janvier 2013 07:18


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